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Our Recent Projects

Explore our most recent project to see the full spectrum of our work. Just in case you're here to get a better understanding of the technical aspect of our work, we included a bunch of progress pictures, too. Because as we all know, it's not just what meets the eye - particularly true in construction.



A high efficiency house on the outskirts of Sandpoint encapsulates our current idea of a energy efficient, non-toxic, healthy home


luxurious finishes meet cutting-edge building science in this stunning residence



An approachable project set on beautiful acreage. It combines honest materials, non-toxic finishes, and a clean, scandinavian-inspired design while staying within a very affordable budget.


A efficient ADU to maximise living space, storage, and parking on a modest city lot packs a punch with double stud walls, maximum insulation, and carefully selected finishes to compliment the charming craftsman cottage in front.

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