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Healthy Living Spaces



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Capra Home Concepts is a North Idaho-based residential construction and interior design business. We specialize in crafting custom high-efficiency homes and creating healthy, sustainable living spaces. Our projects range from cozy cabins to stunning multi-story residences, with one common thread connecting them all: we apply up-to-date building science, thoughtfully source our materials, and collaborate with skilled professionals on every level of the build. 
Keegan McAuliffe, owner and founder, is well known for his persistence and determination to create a product he is proud of every time. Keegan works diligently with you, the home owner, to ensure that your vision is carried out with the greatest attention to detail. #keepcraftalive 



At Capra Home Concepts, we pride ourselves on our long-term commitment to our customers, and strive to create healthy spaces that our clients can enjoy for a lifetime. In order to ensure the healthiest environment possible, we focus particularly on ensuring great interior air quality and preventing mold and mildew growth. In a climate such as ours, that routinely includes an integrated ventilation system, high-tech vapour barriers, above-code insulation packages, and certified non-toxic finishes throughout. 

We're invested in keeping our clients safe through honest craftsmanship, sustainable building practices, and non-toxic finishes that will last for many years to come.


Energy Efficient

Building energy efficient houses is not only beneficial for the environment but also benefits the homeowners by significantly lowering utility cost. We wrap honest craftsmanship in a protective layer of cutting-edge building science. 

Between Keegan, a self-proclaimed Building Science Geek, and Julia, an interior designer with a focus on non-toxic interiors, we routinely try and marry craftsmanship, style, and science in a beautiful polyamorous love triangle.

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We specialize in designing and building non-toxic structures. In our effort to create the safest living spaces for our clients, we analyse every aspect: we routinely install high efficiency ventilation systems for the cleanest possible interior air quality, we are committed to using non-toxic finishes throughout to avoid common interior air pollutants, we carefully source our materials to avoid material bound toxins such as formaldehyde, VOCs, and heavy metals, and we design our projects around above-code insulation and weather-proofing measures.

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Low Impact

At CAPRA, we are passionate about creating sustainable and eco-friendly homes that have a minimal impact on the environment. We are dedicated to designing and building homes that are not only beautiful and functional but also environmentally responsible. With our low impact houses, you can enjoy a comfortable and healthy living space while also doing your part to protect the planet.

Balancing Rocks


We deeply believe in keeping things authentic. Our team. Our relationships. Our product.


We love to learn about new trends, we love to engage with current and potential clients. We love direct feedback. Just like we appreciate a beautiful beam for looking like real wood, we will always strive to show up as authentically as we can and listen to you, and your vision. 

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